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Easton Greenwich Rescue Squad Welcomes You

In case of emergency dial 911

Operations Officers 


Frank Brownell




Who We Are

Here at Easton Greenwich Rescue Squad, We prioritize the well being of the communities we serve. We provide emergency medical service to the Village of Greenwich, Town of Greenwich and the town of Easton and when requested provide mutual aid to our neighboring communities. We staff our agency with the highest quality emergency medical personnel assuring the best possible emergency medical care. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures and information about our family of dedicated personnel


Easton Greenwich Rescue Squad provides emergency medical care to those in need. We staff a paid crew of professional EMTs and Paramedics throughout the week and weekend but are still highly dependent on volunteer members. No matter paid or volunteer you will receive the best quality emergency medical care available too you.


Emergency Medical Technicians 

EMTs are the backbone of EMS agencies across the state of New York. Emergency medical technicians are required to keep up on continuing medical education assuring that we are aware of any changes in our protocols written by the New York State Department of Health.



Paramedics are the most highly trained individuals in the business. Once they complete the training they are also expected to attend continuing education trainings to keep themselves up to date. Paramedics can do advanced procedures such as IVs, Intubations, Medications and many more skills such as reading and interpreting cardiac EKGs.

Become a Volunteer

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Volunteer Membership 

Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making Easton Greenwich Rescue Squad even better than it already is. Please stop by the station or give us a phone call. 

Positions with in the squad 

1. - Driver (18 years old at minimum)

2. - Attendant (Helps the EMT or Paramedics on calls)

3. - EMT (17 year old minimum set forth by NYS)

4. - Paramedic (Must attend a specialized paramedic school similar to medical school that nurses go through to receive there degree)  



At Easton Greenwich Rescue Squad we accept any and all willing members of the community who want to become involved in the rescue squad. There are no pre requirements needed to become involved however you must me at least 17 years old.


“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.”

Norman B. Rice

Contact Easton Greenwich Rescue Squad

Get in touch with Easton Greenwich Rescue Squad to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

441 State Rte 29, Greenwich, NY 12834, USA

(518) 692-7118

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